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Embark on a personalised and pampering journey at Hair Identity, where ladies’ hairdressing is elevated to an art form! 💁‍♀️ Our intimate and friendly team is committed to unveiling your true beauty. Whether you’re seeking bespoke cuts that enhance your individuality, transformative restyles that redefine your look, or staying on top of the latest fashion trends, we offer a range of individual services within the realm of diverse hair identities.
At Hair Identity, we go beyond the ordinary. From staying ahead with the latest fashion trends to crafting luxurious balayage’s using advanced colour techniques, our salon is a haven for those who seek a natural and friendly approach to all things hair. It’s not just about styling; it’s about celebrating the unique beauty in every woman.
Step into Hair Identity, where the aroma of coffee and tea fills the air, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Fabulous hair moments are not just a possibility; they are just a booking away! ☕️✂️ Immerse yourself in the artistry of ladies’ hairdressing that goes beyond the surface, ensuring you leave with a style that truly reflects your identity.
We are a Sustainable Salon and a $3 Green fee will apply to each visit

We recycle 95% of all we do from Hair, metals,
plastics, paper and chemicals.

our prices

  • New Client – Ladies cut & blow-wave/Long/restyle $90
  • Ladies cut & blow-wave/short/medium $80
  • Ladies cut (no blow-wave) $65
  • fringe trim $15
  • New client – Senior Ladies Cut and blow-wave – Long/Restyle $75
  • Senior Ladies Cut and blow-wave – short/medium $65
  • Senior Ladies Cut(not blow-waved) $55
  • Senior Ladies Cut and set (please if booking online also add comb up) $85

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